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Mirolo Scholarships

In partnership with the Mirolo Charitable Foundation, $18,000 in scholarships were granted to four Grandview Heights High School Seniors- Joe McCauley, Evelyn Brown, Jack Dobies, and Ashley Linville. Congratulations to all the students and thank you to the generosity of the Mirolo Charitable Foundation!

21st Century Classroom Enhancements

$9,473 to update Social Studies classroom 221 at Grandview Heights High School. The grant funds will be used to bring the High School Social Studies classroom up to 21st century learning standards, including purchase of AppleTV, projector, iPad, Cabling, Chromecast, and DVD Player, paint, bookshelves, wiring, ceiling tiles, flooring updated, and new tables and chairs.

Adaptive Learning Environment

$5, 000 to fund furnishings for an Adaptive Learning Environment at Larry Larson Middle School. Grant will be used to purchase Rugs, Stability Disks, Learning Stools, Standing Desks, Balance Ball Seating, Foam Mats and Miscellaneous Furnishings.

Educational Games for the Grandview Heights Public Library

$1,250 to fund new educational games for the Grandview Heights Public Library. Grant will be used to purchase 46 Assorted Educational Games and Carrying Cases that the library will make available to the community for borrowing. The games will allow the Library to fulfill a goal of fostering different kinds of learning styles, including a focus on developing early literacy, practicing patience, thinking logically, recognizing basic shapes, letters and patterns, and improving memory development.

Science Classroom Smart Board

$5,759 to fund a Smart Board for the science classroom at Larry Larson Middle School. Grant will be used to purchase a 65” Screen SMART Board and Stand with Tray plus Power Plug with Cords.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) Station

$4,775.93 to support the creation of a STEAM station at Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School. Grant funds will be used to purchase a 3D Printer, cart, Filament, Robot EV3,  5 Tool Kits, 2 Makerspace Carts, 3 Sets of Goggles, 4 Erector Sets, 4 Sewing Kits, 4 Hardware Kits, 4 K’Nex , 2 Bloxels, 4 Makey Makey , 4 Sets of Gears, 2 Sphero, 4 3D Pens and Pen Refill Cartridges and 4 3D Pen Silicone Boards.

Augmented Reality Sandbox

$2,323 to fund an Augmented Reality Sandbox for Larry Larson Middle School. Grant funds will be used to enhance vigorous learning opportunities in Grandview Heights science and social studies classrooms with an augmented reality "sandbox." The sandbox is a combination of open source coding coupled with X-Box Kinects technology, a projector and a sandbox that makes the learning come alive. Students will use the sandbox to recreate topographic, soil, geographic maps, or maps of historic locations, school or community. Weathering or erosion, landforms around the world, and water flow are examples of areas of study the sandbox would help bring alive.  See

Life Skills Learning Lab

$4,172 to fund a Life Skills Learning Lab for Larry Larson Middle School and Edison Intermediate Elementary School. The grant will support the current EILMS classroom unit designed to focus on behavioral and social-emotional skill needs of students with significant cognitive and functional needs. The grant will be used to create a new model (Life Skills Learning Lab) that provides life skills interventions and opportunities to increase academic, social/communicative, and vocational competence for our students through authentic, project-based learning. Specifically, funds will be used to purchase a conventional oven and hood, washer, dryer, full size refrigerator, small kitchen appliances (mixer,

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

$1,157 to fund purchase of an iPad Pro, sturdy case and Apple Pencil for 6th graders at Larry Larson Middle School. The iPad Pro will be used to improve collaboration between peers, learning differentiation, instructional flexibility and also allow students to project their work. The iPad Pro will allow students to remain in their seats and project their work onto Smartboard in real time, helping students to share their work even when they are not initially comfortable standing in front of the class at the Smartboard.  It will also be used to support collaboration among a group of students working on

Special Education Tools

$10, 606 to support the purchase of new tools for the Grandview Heights High School Special Education and Intervention Specialists. Grant will fund purchase and installation of two Smart Boards and necessary Wall Mounts and Cabling. It will also fund the purchase of six LuxFit Exercise Ball Chairs.

Language Arts Curriculum Program

$4,200 was awarded to support the Language Arts Curriculum Program at Larry Larson Middle School. Grant funds will cover ELA Materials,  Junior Great Books, Jacob’s Ladder Series, Independent Reading Materials, and Critical Thinking Materials.

Grandview Columns Public Art Project

$5050 awarded to the Grandview Columns Public Art Project to partially fund project costs including Resident Artist Fees, Materials and Technology . Five powder coated, galvanized steel columns (donated by the Mayor and City of Grandview) have been wired for electricity, the internet and plumbed for water and installed outside Stevenson Elementary School, close to Pierce Field, the city wide cycle route and the businesses on First Avenue, with clear access to the general public.  The structures will be used as 'blank canvases' for collaborations between students of Grandview Schools and experienced artists, selected from the AIE (Ohio Arts Council) directory


Welcome to the Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Education Foundation website!

Since its inception in 1991, the Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Education Foundation has strived to build an endowment to fund school and community projects. The Endowment is focused on awarding grants for programs that:

  • expand educational opportunities
  • promote school, family, business and community partnerships
  • encourage life-long learning


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