$ 2,479.28 to fund a mobile STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focused learning environment tailored to the needs of First Grade learners.

The STEM ecosystem will link children, their classroom environment, physical needs and challenging materials together to foster problem solving skills and the joy of learning within STEM.  This concept will incorporate 21st Century classroom concepts the district has proven to be successful, with physical mobility pieces used in conjunction with STEM learning materials that help children master the problem solving skills needed in STEM fields. It includes a mobile STEM station (this is a shelving unit on wheels with a work table space on the top and magnetic whiteboards on each end of the shelving unit to be used to create magnetic marble runs and roller coasters) which includes Early Learning Kits, a Blocks and Blueprints Learning Center, Active Learning Stools and Swing Desks and specialized Books. All materials are geared to introduce and reinforce key STEM concepts to First Graders.