$4,172 to fund a Life Skills Learning Lab for Larry Larson Middle School and Edison Intermediate Elementary School.

The grant will support the current EILMS classroom unit designed to focus on behavioral and social-emotional skill needs of students with significant cognitive and functional needs. The grant will be used to create a new model (Life Skills Learning Lab) that provides life skills interventions and opportunities to increase academic, social/communicative, and vocational competence for our students through authentic, project-based learning. Specifically, funds will be used to purchase a conventional oven and hood, washer, dryer, full size refrigerator, small kitchen appliances (mixer, etc.), and basic kitchen and laundry essentials. These tools will provide students with opportunities to not only increase their independence and understanding of how to care for themselves and others, but it will offer them opportunities for self-discovery. With access to the Life Skills Learning Lab, students will discover their strengths, interests, and increase their self-confidence and overall wellness. We will be able to reinforce and integrate academic knowledge through authentic, project-based learning.