$5050 awarded to the Grandview Columns Public Art Project to partially fund project costs including Resident Artist Fees, Materials and Technology .

Five powder coated, galvanized steel columns (donated by the Mayor and City of Grandview) have been wired for electricity, the internet and plumbed for water and installed outside Stevenson Elementary School, close to Pierce Field, the city wide cycle route and the businesses on First Avenue, with clear access to the general public.  The structures will be used as ‘blank canvases’ for collaborations between students of Grandview Schools and experienced artists, selected from the AIE (Ohio Arts Council) directory list.

The primary outcome of these art installations (3 per year throughout the OAC system) projects, is student involvement at each successive stage and to facilitate project-based leaning opportunities that are designed to engage all students and the wider community. Pupils will assist in selecting the artist, choosing themes, creating the work and then gathering assessment materials afterwards.  will  The Column project will also incorporate current and emerging technology in the way the columns are used and the way data is collected about the impact of the project as a whole.