Each year, the Foundation accepts grant requests from teachers, administrators and community members who have a compelling idea that serves our educational mission. Grants are awarded annually, following the Education Foundation Gala. Over the past 25 years, we have awarded more than $1 million to benefit education in our community.

Funding priority is given to projects which:

  • Introduce unique programs supported by contemporary research
  • Emphasize emerging technology
  • Motivate achievement in arts, sciences and humanities
  • Impact a significant number of individuals for the resources invested
  • Act as model projects that support the idea of the 21st Century Classroom


Following the very successful 2018 Gala, the Education Foundation was able to raise for $68,500 grants with $25,000 going to scholarships. Congratulations to the 2018 grant recipients:

Scholarship Program

In 2018 the Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Education Foundation introduced a new scholarship program. We gave out $25,000 (5 kids received $5,000 scholarships). Congratulations to the winners!

Hands of Gratitude

$9,000 A community and k-12 district wide service learning project for community members, students, teachers and staff to work together on a common goal. Over 250 prosthetic hands were made

Library Summer Reading Program

$1,200 Partnership with the Grandview Heights Public Library to help with marketing and incentives for middle age readers participating in the summer reading program.

First Robotics

$500 Support for the expansion of the district’s First Robotics program.

Grandview Heights Junior Triathlon

$5,500 Partnership with the Grandview Heights Parks and Recreation Department to introduce, encourage and celebrate participation in outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle for children.

Rotating Art Gallery – Library

$1,260 A collaboration with the High School Art Department to showcase a variety of student art each quarter in a public gallery.

Teaching for Creativity, Partnership with CMoA

$4,550 Professional development workshop for district teaching staff focused on the creative process and its relationship to problem solving.  

STEM Grant

$2,090 New materials for the 2nd grade STEM stations.

Quebecois Singer

$800 Partnership with The Ohio State University French Department to bring French singer, Bruno Pelletier, to Columbus. Mr. Pelletier performed for the community and worked directly with students at OSU

21st Century Behavior Unit

$2,919 A work space designed to meet the needs of children with disabilities and behavior, social and emotional needs.

Strings Grant

$4,200 Purchase of new, size appropriate string instruments for middle school students to try while taking orchestra.

Lego Station

$1,179 A permanent kindergarten learning station where kids can play, create and collaborate together.

Beyond Traditional Boundaries

$5,775 Elementary classrooms designed for and dedicated specifically to language arts and literacy and to engineering and problem solving. A classroom set up specifically for a certain area of study

The Art of Architecture

$2,300 Elementary art room Architecture Center materials for children to innovate and create 3D structures based on their study of interior design and architecture.

Historic Photographic Process

$5,676 AP Art History Grant - Wet collodion plate photography process materials and ongoing instruction from a professional historical photographer.

AV Production Studio

$9,426 High school Media Center lab for the production of digital and audio content. A green screen, sound proof booth, production lights and new audio equipment were purchased to assist

Pit Musicians for “Shrek the Musical”

$1,600 Support for the Performing Arts: Live pit musicians to enhance the production and experience of the high school musical for students.

TriVillage Mentor League Kids Book

$6,000 High school mentors and elementary age mentees will work together to write, illustrate and publish a book about Grandview Heights. This is a collaborative effort with community members, government


Following the very successful 2017 Gala, the Education Foundation was able to approve over $78,000 in grants. Congratulations to the 2017 grant recipients:

Mirolo Scholarships

In partnership with the Mirolo Charitable Foundation, $18,000 in scholarships were granted to four Grandview Heights High School Seniors- Joe McCauley, Evelyn Brown, Jack Dobies, and Ashley Linville. Congratulations to all

21st Century Classroom Enhancements

$9,473 to update Social Studies classroom 221 at Grandview Heights High School. The grant funds will be used to bring the High School Social Studies classroom up to 21st century

Adaptive Learning Environment

$5, 000 to fund furnishings for an Adaptive Learning Environment at Larry Larson Middle School. Grant will be used to purchase Rugs, Stability Disks, Learning Stools, Standing Desks, Balance Ball Seating, Foam Mats and Miscellaneous

Educational Games for the Grandview Heights Public Library

$1,250 to fund new educational games for the Grandview Heights Public Library. Grant will be used to purchase 46 Assorted Educational Games and Carrying Cases that the library will make available

Science Classroom Smart Board

$5,759 to fund a Smart Board for the science classroom at Larry Larson Middle School. Grant will be used to purchase a 65” Screen SMART Board and Stand with Tray plus Power

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) Station

$4,775.93 to support the creation of a STEAM station at Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School. Grant funds will be used to purchase a 3D Printer, cart, Filament, Robot EV3,  5 Tool

Augmented Reality Sandbox

$2,323 to fund an Augmented Reality Sandbox for Larry Larson Middle School. Grant funds will be used to enhance vigorous learning opportunities in Grandview Heights science and social studies classrooms

Life Skills Learning Lab

$4,172 to fund a Life Skills Learning Lab for Larry Larson Middle School and Edison Intermediate Elementary School. The grant will support the current EILMS classroom unit designed to focus

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

$1,157 to fund purchase of an iPad Pro, sturdy case and Apple Pencil for 6th graders at Larry Larson Middle School. The iPad Pro will be used to improve collaboration between

Special Education Tools

$10, 606 to support the purchase of new tools for the Grandview Heights High School Special Education and Intervention Specialists. Grant will fund purchase and installation of two Smart Boards

Language Arts Curriculum Program

$4,200 was awarded to support the Language Arts Curriculum Program at Larry Larson Middle School. Grant funds will cover ELA Materials,  Junior Great Books, Jacob’s Ladder Series, Independent Reading Materials, and Critical

Grandview Columns Public Art Project

$5050 awarded to the Grandview Columns Public Art Project to partially fund project costs including Resident Artist Fees, Materials and Technology . Five powder coated, galvanized steel columns (donated by the


Following the very successful 2016 Gala, the Education Foundation was able to approve over $90,000 in grants. Congratulations to the 2016 grant recipients:

Kids’ Club After School Program

$437 to support the Kids' Club after school program, Circles for Grandparents.

GHHS Spanish Classroom

$4,954 towards purchase of a smartboard for the Grandview Heights High School Spanish classroom.

EI/LLMS Visual Arts

$4,300 for technology for the Edison Intermediary/Larry Larson Middle School Visual Arts classroom.

GHHS Band Parents Association

$15,000 towards replacement of Grandview Heights High School Marching Band formal uniforms.

Grandview Heights Public Library

$2,139 to provide 31 Early Learning backpacks to the Grandview Heights Public Library.

Robert Louis Stevenson Kindergarten

$28,500 to purchase 20 MacBook Air computers/accessories for Kindergarten Classes.

Health and Wellness Center

$380 for yoga mats for the Health and Wellness Center

GHHS History Classroom

$11,486 to create a multi-focal point class room for the GHHS History classes.


Congratulations to all past grant winners:

2015 Grant Winners

Grandview Heights Public Library
GHHS Chemistry
GHHS and EI/LLMS Vocal Music
EI/LLMS Intervention Specialist
GHHS Health & Wellness Project
21st Century Classroom Redesigns

2014 Grant Winners

GHHS Media Specialist
GHHS English Teacher
EI/LLMS Counselor
EI/LLMS Science Olympiad Coach
8th Grade Language Arts
5th Grade Social Studies
Stevenson Kindergarten Teachers
Stevenson Second Grade Teachers
Stevenson Third Grade Teachers

2013 Grant Winners

RLS Touch, Type & Swipe
Circle of Grandparents – Adopt a Classroom
GHHS Photography Classroom Equipment
RLS and EI/LLMS All Arts Days
GHHS Legally Blonde musical
EI/LLMS Resource Room Technology
EI/LLMS Special Needs Tech Toolbox
GHHS Interactive Whiteboard
GHHS Biology: Digital Microscope
3rd grade Blended Learning/Technology
6th grade 21st Century Classrooms
Senior English Legacy Library
GHHS Musical – Pit Orchestra
Community Recycling Program
FIRST-Donor Designated
EI/LLMS Bobcat Circle Peer Mentoring
FIRST Robotics- Donor Designated
EI/LLMS 4th Grade Technology Grant

2012 Grant Winners

RLS 2nd Grade Math Assessment Subscription
EI/LLMS 8th Grade English Classroom Technology Upgrades
GHHS Grade Math Classroom Technology & Furniture Improvements
EI/LLMS 5th Grade English Classroom Technology Upgrades
2012 RLS 2nd Grade Math Assessment Subscription
EI/LLMS Bobcat Circle Peer Mentoring
FIRST Robotics- Donor Designated
EI/LLMS 4th Grade Technology Grant

2011 Grant Winners

EI/LLMS STEM Laboratory
RLS Classroom Lockers
Grandview Kids Club Sensory Materials
RLS & EI/LLMS Library iPad Integration
EI/LLMS Thought Lab
EI/LLMS Bobcat Circles Mentoring
GHHS Student Poetry Anthology
GHHS Challenge Day counselling
GHHS Paperless Classroom
FIRST- Donor Designated
GHSD Auditorium Renovation
GHHS Musical Orchestra
RLS & EI/LLMS Library Books

2010 Grant Winners

GHHS Science Dept.- Lab software
EI/LLMS Artist in Residence
GHSD Auditorium Renovation
RLS iRead, uead, weRead
GHHS Writer’s Workshop
CIP, International Teaching Assistant
Kids Club After-school Science Program
FIRST Robotics- Donor Designated
TriVillage Mentor League Health & Wellness Pilot Program
GHHS Library Book Purchase
GHHS French Classroom Seating

2009 Grant Winners

RLS iRead, uRead, weRead
EI/LLMS 7th Grade Smart Board
Jerene Mortenson Visit
EI/LLMS Demonstration Kitchen Improvements
EI/LLMS Science Video Collection
EI/LLMS Junior Achievement Biztown
All Arts Day – K-6 PTO
EI/LLMS Artist in Residence
RLS Recording Experience at Capital University
Grandview Singers
GHHS Chess Club Timers
RLS Visiting Author, Ron Hirshi
GHSD Auditorium renovation


What types of things can I ask for in a grant?
Foundation grants typically fund projects that propose new and innovative ideas that will impact and transform student and/or community learning.

How can I submit my grant proposal?
You can complete your grant application online here or by downloading the pdf of the application form on the same page. If you download the pdf, please keep the narrative of your grant proposal to 3 pages or less. This page limit does not include prices lists of items to be purchased.

Who do I inform that I working on a grant proposal?
If you are a school district employee, your proposal will ideally be designed to support and enhance student learning in alignment with district goals, objectives, and initiatives. Because of this, you should recruit the assistance of the Director of 21st Century Learning and your building’s 21st Century Learning Coach as early as possible. They will guide you through the application process and will connect you with all of the best resources as you develop and refine your proposal.

If you are submitting an educational grant request to benefit the community, not the school district, please visit Contact Us to send any questions you have along the way.

Who needs to sign off on my grant proposal before I submit it to the GHMCEF?
Within the school district, you should have approval from your building principal and the Director of 21st Century Learning. If your grant includes technology purchases, you will also need the signature of the Director of Technology Operations.