Grant Applications

The Grandview Heights Marble Cliff Education Foundation considers applications for the funding of grants which enhance educational excellence in our community. Grants are for projects which serve Grandview Heights and/or Marble Cliff students and/or residents. While grants may be submitted throughout the year for consideration, requests submitted by November 17 will be reviewed at the spring board meeting for the annual awarding of grants.

Grant applications which are MORE likely to be accepted include those which
• Impact a significant number of students or community members for the resources invested
• Are supported by contemporary research
• Emphasize current or emerging technology
• Promote multicultural sensitivity and global awareness
• Involve academic achievement, arts and humanities, or lifelong learning opportunities
• Promote student, staff, family, business and community partnerships
• Involve new or unique programs or services

Grant applications which are LESS likely to be accepted include those which
• Involve “Bricks and Mortar” or consumable supplies
• Fund travel or scholarships for one or a small number of students
• Are primarily related to athletic activities
• Are typically funded by operating budgets or already established funding resources
• Request reimbursement for items purchased or projects funded by other entities prior to grant request

Maintenance and Technology Grandview Heights Marble Cliff Education Foundation will not be responsible for ongoing/maintenance costs of any grants we award. Please ensure such maintenance costs are included in the organization or school district budget. If the request is a technology related request to be utilized within the Grandview Heights City School District, please include the District Technology Acquisition Form. Multi-phase (multi-year) projects will be considered.

Online Submission of Applications: You may submit this form online (below). Please note, by submitting the form online, you are asserting that you have gathered the appropriate school or organization approvals in advance.

Prefer to complete/submit the form via email or snail mail? No problem. Download the pdf application form here . Prior to pdf or online submission, please discuss this application with your principal or community organization and gather their approval. Signatures of the principal or community organizer are required for the pdf. Email completed pdf applications to [email protected]. Or, send completed pdf applications by snail mail to:
Grandview Heights Marble Cliff Education Foundation Grants Committee
PO Box 12429 Columbus OH 43212-0429

Need more information? For additional information, please contact a member of the Grandview Heights Marble Cliff Education Foundation Board of Trustees. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of funding requests following the next meeting of the Grandview Heights Marble Cliff Education Foundation Board of Trustees.